Helium Price List


30cm - $2.20

45cm - $6

60cm - $14

90cm - $18

Large - $25

90cm - $18


Hi-Float - $0.50 Each

Please Note: 

We do not accept responsibility for bursting if you bring your own balloons. We follow the correct guidelines when inflating, and the risk is low. However, we cannot guarantee the quality if we haven't supplied it.

Balloon Care 

Balloons must be kept out of direct sunlight and warm places as helium can expand, causing the balloon to burst.

Balloons' float time can be affected by areas that are too cold.

Also, keep balloons away from open windows, doors and open spots as they could blow against objects and burst.

Estimated Float Times

Latex balloon 12 – 15 hours

Hi-Float treated latex balloon 2 - 3 days

Foil Balloon 5 - 7 days 

DO NOT inhale helium gas from inside your balloon as it is dangerous and can cause loss of consciousness